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Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a captivating city that combines historical charm, lively atmosphere, and stunning landscapes. The cleanliness of Lisbon is one of the aspects that contribute to making this city so appealing to both visitors and residents.

Waste Management: 
Although Lisbon has established a waste management system, there is still room for improvement. Waste collection can sometimes be irregular in certain neighborhoods, leading to cleanliness issues. Additionally, public awareness and participation in recycling could be better encouraged.

Clean Streets: 
While the municipality strives to maintain clean streets, some areas in Lisbon can still be neglected. Streets in heavily tourist-congested neighborhoods may become littered with debris, giving an impression of neglect.

Public Parks and Gardens: 
Despite having beautiful public parks and gardens, some of them may lack proper maintenance. Certain green spaces may have litter carelessly left behind, impacting the experience for both visitors and residents.

Green Initiatives: 
Despite positive green initiatives, some of them may lack visibility to the general public. Greater efforts in communication are needed to actively engage residents in participating in these initiatives.

Community Engagement: 
While community-led initiatives exist, community engagement could be more significant. Increased participation from local residents could have a substantial impact on the city's cleanliness and environment.

Tourism and Cleanliness: 
Mass tourism in Lisbon can lead to cleanliness problems, especially in highly frequented historic neighborhoods. Some tourists may be less aware of the importance of maintaining cleanliness in public places.

Pedestrian Zones: 
Although pedestrian zones are commendable for promoting cleanliness, some may lack proper maintenance. Additional efforts are needed to keep these areas free from litter. 
Municipal Commitment: 
While the municipality shows commitment to cleanliness, some actions may appear inadequate. Additional investments in cleaning services may be necessary to maintain Lisbon's cleanliness consistently. 
It is important to note that these criticisms do not disregard the efforts made by Lisbon to maintain its cleanliness and appeal. Keeping a large city clean is a complex challenge that requires ongoing efforts from all stakeholders, and Lisbon remains an attractive destination for many travelers and residents despite these challenges.

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